WordPress is the best and the most popular tool to create your own blog or website. On the internet, WordPress captures almost 35.2% of the websites. With it’s immense popularity, WordPress plugins are also popular to add functionalities to the website. If you are looking for some plugins to make your website load fast, then you’re at right place. Here, we are listing some of the selected WordPress plugins to decrease loading time of your website.

WP Rocket

This is a caching plugin service. This is probably the best WordPress plugin available in the market. It instantly allows you to boost the website speed in WordPress. It involves the least technicality and its performance is one of the best. This plugin service automatically enables the recommended settings for the cache. There are also optional features that can be turned on for better performance and better page loading. The main highlight of this plugin service is that it automatically crawls and builds website cache which instantly boosts performance. It also provides image optimization that further boosts the performance of the website.



  • This is fast, developer-friendly and easy to use.
  • It is full-featured and provides 80% of the optimization


  • It is expensive as it is premium.
  • It should be used carefully if the user wants to alter the pre-set settings.


W3 Total Cache

Every blogger must optimize his/her blog for the best experience in performance. W3 Total Cache reduces the loading time of the website.



  1. It significantly reduces the loading time by using special feature called CDN (Content Delivery Network).
  2. It is trusted my millions of users.


  1. It cannot clear cache for custom posts.
  2. May sometimes crash your site.


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