We are honoured and glad you are considering our website as part of your customer outreach initiative. We very carefully select and partner with brands to delight our readers with innovative experiences on the website. If you would like to read more about our audience and their interests, read on.

Why You Should Advertise With Us

  • Our strong online presence with wide community size at social platforms will help you to establish your brand.
  • We provide holistic solution with our cost effective graphics, web designing and development service, and many more.
  • We work personally with our clients to give them best as per their needs.

Types of Advertising Service

For our advertising partners that are interested in reaching a global audience, we offer the following Ad formats.

  1. Sponsored Posts
  2. Banner Ads (300×250, 300×600, 728×90)
  3. Branding & Awareness with promotion on Social Media
    1. Sponsored Contests
    2. Sponsored post on Social Platforms like Facebook, Instagram.

For Advertising Inquiries

If you feel our audience is a perfect target for your brand and would like to reach out to them, please send me an email to hi@k4media.in. We would love to learn more about your brand and outreach goals.

We create internet brands, engaging websites, and social media campaigns. We're team of coders, storytellers & best of marketing minds who specialize in social, digital and interactive media.


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