Getting featured in magazine, television and newspaper is a great way to get your business started but when it comes to small businesses you have to think  10 times before you choose your modes for press coverage. As you are tight on budget and looking for options that can bring the best results.

Tips To Get You Started

Know Your Audience

Time is money and makes sure you are not wasting it. Set your target audience whom you want to cover as doing so will cut down the excessive cost and bring you the required audience.

What Mode Do They Prefer?

You have to get to know weather your audience likes to read, listen or watch. Getting this information will let you know which option you would like to choose and then set your goals accordingly. Overspending on press coverage is never a good idea when you can do it at less cost, so make sure you make your decision wisely. To get this information you can do online surveys to get accurate data before making the decision.

Tips To Get Press Coverage For Your Small Business

A Story In Magazines And Newspapers

Identify the right publication for your business. As it is a small business and with the fixed budget so you cant plan on getting your story featured in magazines like Fortune, Entrepreneur, business today and newspapers like New York Times, The Hindu, Times of India, etc. As they are best in what they do and have quality checks before they publish it. So, in this case, you can choose the one which is read by your audience. You can contact that publication house, share your information and ideas, how impact you want your story to be and your budget. Then based on your guidelines they will create your story accordingly. To get your story featured you should know how to approach the journalists as they are the one who will be writing for you so make sure you do it well.

How To Approach The Journalists?

Identify the journalist who writes about your niche. Get their information, study their work quality and ask them questions about topics they are good at. Make a list and choose the most suitable one for your business then ask for their advice in person and not on the phone. Don’t go straight with your proposal as most of the businessmen and entrepreneurs do this mistake and never get a chance to talk to journalists. Meeting in person leaves no place for misunderstanding and you can share your ideas and ask them to create an impact story for your business. In the case of regional business, you can communicate with a good regional journalist who knows about your niche.

How To Write Your Own Story?

There are few things to remember when you are writing your own story for press coverage.

1. Suitable Headline-

write an attractive headline that can interest the reader and make sure it says something about your business as well. Keep it short and crisp.

2. Location Information-

add information related to the location of your office where you are available in person or someone on your behalf.

3. Engaging Introduction-

don’t forget to mention all the key information in the first paragraph, you cannot expect the reader to go further if the introduction of your story is bit bland and not engaging at all.

4. Consider The 5 W’s-

your story should be able to answer what, when, where, who and why. In simple words what is happening? where it is happening? when it is happening? who is doing it? why it is happening? without this information, your story will be of no use. So don’t forget to consider these when you write your story.

5. Use Simple And Engaging Words-

avoid using long sentences and jargon’s in your story. Just keep it simple yet impact on the reader. There should be no grammatical errors and spelling mistakes or else your story would be rejected.

6. Contact Information And Ending Note-

provide your contact information at the end of your story and make sure you add an appealing ending note.

A Story In The Local Press

The local press provides coverage to business through newspaper and television limited to a particular area. Get local press coverage by finding the right one for you and pitching an attractive story, then follow up with the journalists.

1. Local Directories And Newspaper Coverage-

It is very important to have your business listed on online directories to show media that you have a solid online presence. Look for the news titles in your area that cover your city, state or country-specific and choose one that is more popular.

2. Local Radios And TV Stations-

search for radio stations that have reach in your area. You can search by ZIP code and city code. Out of all choose one, on which you can make your story go on air. Local TV stations need local stories, you have to search for a local affiliate and contact them to get information regarding specific local channel and then from the list of local stations in your area you will find their press contact numbers and email addresses.

A Story In Online Media

Online media is a great way to share your business success and to get the attention of media towards your business.

1. Contact Journalists And Editors-

you can contact journalists and editors available online and on social media. You can request them to write a story for you. To do that you should have a sound online presence to generate their interest. Provide the details to ease up their work and do make a lasting impression as they may help you in future as well.

2. Guest Blogging-

when you run a small business it gets difficult to get press coverage and you need support to promote your business. In that case, you can contact other business you can partner with for their blog and site. This way you can establish your identity, connect with the right audience and boost your SEO.

To conclude, you don’t have to spend extravagantly to get press coverage. Even doing so will not provide you with many benefits if your approach is not right. You don’t have to be a public relations expert, all you need is some information about it. You can use the tips provided to get the best out of less and promote your business.

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