Facebook ad account allows you to advertise on Facebook. If you run a small business and want to manage multiple clients ads it would be good for you to create a Facebook ad account if you don’t have one. Facebook ad account and can be handled by multiple people as well.

How To Create A Facebook Advertising Account?

Step 1: Log In To Your Business Manager Account

  1. On login click on ‘add new’ then from the drop-down menu select  ‘ad account’

Step 2: Create ‘Ad Account’

  1. Enter the account name and link to advertiser’s profile
  2. Enter your time zone, currency and payment method
  3. Then click on ‘create ad account’

Step 3: Add People To Account

Add your members who will be managing your account on behalf of your business.  You have to permit them to manage your account then only they will be able to do so

  1. To add members click on ‘add a person’ and window will appear and you can add a friend.
  2. Fill in details and assign the role of either administrator, advertiser or analyst.
  3. If you are using the ower account of business manager, you can skip this.

Step 4: Confirm Your Account Creation

  1. Click ‘OK’ to confirm your account and to use advertisement features.

Step 5: Add Payment Details

  1. Click on ‘add payment method’ button.
  2. Enter your payment details and you are all set to go. You can enter the details later on but you won’t be able to run your campaign until to complete this method.

Now you are all set to start advertising on Facebook. Make sure to define your ideal customers before you create your first ad. Or else you may end up spending excess money.

Tips To Get Facebook Advertisement Account Quick Approval

Step 1: Do Not Add Too Much Text.

Make sure that you use minimal text with your images to make content engaging and to ensure that you provide high-quality content.

Step 2: Age-Restricted Material

Few ads don’t get approved as the may be trying to showcase photos and messages that may not be appropriate for a certain young audience. Avoid creating ads related to alcohol, pornography and drugs. As Facebook has strict laws against such ads.

Step 3: Mentioning ‘Facebook’

  1. Mention Facebook with capital ‘F’
  2. Don’t change the font size of word ‘Facebook’ and keep it the same as the content it surrounds
  3. Don’t replace the ‘Facebook’ word with Facebook logo
  4. Don’t use an altered Facebook logo in your ads

Step 4: What Happens Next?

After your advert has been reviewed you will receive an email telling you whether your advert has been approved if it is approved your result will be shown in advert’s manager. If it is rejected you can make changes and reapply for the same.

To conclude, creating a Facebook advertisement account is not that much difficult all you need to remember that you follow the steps properly and you don’t violate any terms and condition of Facebook as doing so may lead to rejection of your account.

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