Pinterest is a social networking site which is designed to save and discover photos on the internet. You can easily save, sort and manage photos by pinning them on your dashboard. You can also upload photos using pin it option. It is a great medium to get amazing photos and ideas for your business and personal use. You can also create new connections on it as well.

How To Create Pinterest Account?

To get started, you first need to create an account on Pinterest. Enter www.pinterest.com in your search box and fill out on the requires details on the page and then click sign up. You can either sign up using your email or with existing Facebook account.

Setup Your Profile

After entering your information, you can follow some popular users and set the categories on it as well. The first thing to do is click on the profile button at the top and then click on the hexagon-shaped icon. Then you can add your details and an attractive profile picture and choose the types of photos you would like to see and set your categories accordingly.

Choose Your Niche

Before you make any post on Pinterest. You have to select a specific topic or niche related to which you will be posting pictures. Pinterest is not such a huge platform as other social media platform but its popularity is growing day by day and it is better to create an account now to the first mover’s advantage as it provides great opportunity to grow your business. Pinterest also provides a suggestion regarding what is popular and you can choose the one that seems more appealing to you.

How To Create A New Board In Pinterest?

Pinterest boards in the place where you can save your pins and you can easily create a new board with any hassle. As a social marketer, it is important to create boards to pursue users to follow your profile and discover new and interesting pictures. Create a niche-specific board rather than a collection of random pictures.

Create Board From Your Profile

Step 1: Open your profile and click on the ‘+’ option.

Step 2: Click on create the board

Step 3: Choose a name for your board and you can also set privacy if you don’t want anyone to see it.

Naming your Pinterest board

Creativity wins over everything and it is something that you need on Pinterest. Create a board with a unique and appealing name to attract people. When trying to make it appealing don’t forget that you can only add 180 characters, it is your time to show your creativity with words and creating a simple yet impressive name for your board. You can always rename the board but remember as you do that all the previous links related to the board will get deactivated.

Who can contribute?

You can create a board with privacy on which you alone can insert pins or without privacy on which contributors can insert pins as well. If you are a beginner and still developing your board adding privacy is a good option for you to create your collection of photos. You can set privacy by clicking on ‘just me option’ next to ‘who can pin’. You can change its privacy once you are ready to show your work.

Create Board While Adding Pins

Step 1: Click on create

Step 2: Click on the Save option in the top right corner of a pin.

Step 3: Click on create board.

How To Create A New Post On Pinterest.

Step 1: Open Pinterest

Open https://www.pinterest.com/ in your browser and log in by filling all the details accurately.

Step 2: Click on ‘+’

Click on the ‘+’ button in the lower right corner on the screen. It will allow you to insert photos on your board.

Step 3: Click on ‘+ upload pin’

Click on ‘+ upload pin’ .It will lead to a new window with photo upload options in it.

Step 4: Click On Drag & Drop or Upload

Clicking on this option and it will open file explorer, open the source folder where your photo is stored and insert picture here.

Step 5: Select your photo

Out of all the photos select the photo you wish to upload on Pinterest.

Step 6: Click on Open

This will upload your photo on Pinterest. Make sure that you insert attractive pictures, which can also be modified by using photo editing pictures as well.

Step 7: Add Description

You can add a description along with the photo to give insights about it. You can provide information about where and when this photo was taken and add something to describe what the photo is saying. You can also add links to it in case you run a business on Pinterest to divert the audience towards your products page.

Step 8: Click Done

Re-check the description of the photo, its orientation and make sure you don’t have any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes in it as it will create a very bad impression.

Step 9: Select Your Board

Select the board on which you wish to save your photo on it, then click on save. Voila! you just finished a post.

Pinterest is very easy to use and it can be easily managed from both desktop and phone. You can go through the above-mentioned steps when creating your account. There are certain things to keep in mind when making a post on Pinterest, you should select your niche related to which you will be posting pictures, as this helps in getting niche-specific audience who will appreciate what you create and will give you new ideas for your future work. You can create multiple boards related to various topics so choose your category accordingly.

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