Creating a WordPress backup is the best thing that you can do for your website security. Keeping a backup provides your mental peace and save yours from catastrophic situations. By choosing the right backup plugin you can concentrate on other important matters.

Paid WordPress Backup Plugins

Backup Buddy

It is a backup plugin and helps you to maintain regular backups for your site and preserving all the essential data safely. It not only does save and restore your data but also allows website migration to a new server or domain. Its beginner’s package starts from $80/year and can be upgraded with more features.


  1. Full data backup, from themes to plugins and other things as well.
  2. Easy to use and doesn’t require any special technical knowledge.
  3. Malware scams, you don’t have to spend additional money on malware scan plugins. It is a complete package deal.


  1. No trial period. You don’t use to a backup buddy for free, so even if you want to do a demo test you have to make a purchase.
  2. Incompatible with certain shared web hosts. So, do check the compatibility of the plugin with the web host you use and then implement the plugin.

Download and Demo: Backup Buddy

Vault Press

Vault Press is part of Jetpack plugin, it offers automatic cloud backup at $3.50/ month. It is easy to set up and store backups. As you update to higher plans the security of plugin also increases. Moreover, it offers real-time protection for cloud storage only.


  1. Comes with Jetpack security.
  2. Security scans for higher plans.
  3. Easy backup restoration.


  1. You have to buy a Jetpack $ 39-year plan to use it.
  2. 30- days backup for lower plans and if you want an unlimited backup, then you have to pay $29 additional, which is pretty much for a new user.

Download and Demo: Vault Press

Blog Vault

Blog vault allows you to use cloud storages for backups. It is a good alternative for Updraft as it has most of the similar features. It provides 100% restore rate which assures you that your data is completely secure against any uncertain situation.


  1. Free one-click staging.
  2. 90 days of the backup archive.
  3. Allows offsite backups to avoid system overload.


  1. Costly: Starts from $89/year for one site license.

Download and Demo: Blog Vault

WP Time Capsule

Smart backup always saves time and space, WP time capsule allows you to be selective about your data which you want to backup. This categorization saves the data with recent changes then followed by other content and saves a lot of space on your server, cloud and offline storage.


  1. Real-time backups.
  2.  Comes with a free version.
  3. Allows encrypted backups for additional security.
  4. Pro version starts from $49/year for 2 sites, which is quite affordable.


  1. Free- version with a 30-days trial only.

Download and Demo: WP Time Capsule

Free WordPress Backup Plugins

Updraft Plus

Updraft Plus is one of the most popular WordPress backup plugins and is used by millions of users throughout the world. Updraft plus allows you to create a complete WordPress backup on your computer and the cloud as well. In case of any data loss, you can restore the backups directly from the WordPress admin panel. It is free to use but comes with a premium package which includes add-ons to migrate websites and other features like database search, multisite support and many more.


  1. Free.
  2. Easy user interface.
  3. More cloud options.
  4. Automatic restore.
  5. Automatic scheduled backups.


  1. Limited features in the free version, so sooner or later you have to upgrade if you need more features.

Download and Demo: Updraft Plus

Back WPup

Back WPup is a free plugin that allows complete WP backup for free. It is easy to use and you can schedule automatic backups as per your site’s update frequency. Furthermore, it has a pro-version that provides priority support, google drive backups, etc.


  1. Free to use.
  2. The free version is good as the pro-version with backup destinations.


  1. Not efficient as its competing plugins.

Download and Demo: Back WPup


Duplicator is used for WordPress site migration. However, it also provides backup options. Duplicator allows you to download your content that can be stored in your computer and can be easily accessed. It doesn’t change your website configuration just helps you to download the whole site that can be easily migrated to another server.


  1. The easiest way for offline backups and host migrations.
  2. It is free with a simple user interface.


  1. No automatic scheduled backups.

Download and Demo: Duplicator

The mentioned plugins have their own pros and cons, but all are compatible with WordPress to provide file backup. Irrespective of which plugin you choose, don’t store the backup on the same server as your website gets hacked or there is a server failure all of your data will be lost and there would be no point of doing a backup, so make sure you use a 3rd party storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

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