AdSense is an advertising service provided by Google. The ads are controlled and managed by Google and users just need to make a free Ad Sense account. Revenue for Ad Sense is produced on a pay-per-click basis. To know how to create an account on Ad sense follow the subsequent steps;

How To Create Account On Adsense

To join Adsense you need to fulfill two conditions:

  1. A google account– You need to have a google account, you can use your existing one or create a new one for your business.
  2. Owned Content– You need content that is owned or created by you and not of someone else in any case. It can be on a blog or site that you own.

If these two conditions are satisfied then, follow the given steps:

Step 1: Enter https://www.google.com/adsense/start in your search box

Step 2: Click on sign up

Step 3: Enter the URL site that you want to connect with this account and want your ads to be shown.

Step 4: Enter the e-mail address

Step 5: Click on ‘yes’ to get Adsense customized help and performance settings. You can changes the settings later on if you desire

Step 6: Click on ‘save and continue’

Step 7: Sign in to google account

Step 8: Choose your Country

Step 9: Read and accept the T&C

Step 10: Click on create an account

You just created your account.

How To Activate You Adsense Account

After creating an account you need to activate your account to show adds on your site. Follow the steps below mentioned;

Step 1: Connect your site to Adsense: Make sure to add the URL site correctly for any inconvenience.

Step 2: Enter  the payment details;

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Open payment address detail card
  3. Choose account type: Individual or business Adsense account

Step 3: Enter Name as per your chosen category

  1. Individual Adsense Account: Enter your full name as per your bank records. Payment is done in the name of the account holder.
  2. Business Adsense Account: Enter the name of the company in “business name field” and contact name for your company in “name field”.

Step 4: Address- enter the full postal address. You should be able to receive mail on this address. When your account completes its verification threshold. You will be sent Personal Identification Number (PIN) and you need this PIN to get your due payments on Adsense.

Step 5: Enter your valid phone number and get it verified for future notification. However, the verification is not mandatory it is entirely your decision.

Step 6: Click on ‘submit’

Tips To Get Fast Adsense Account Approval

Tip 1: Produce Good Quality Content

First and foremost to get approval is to produce good quality content. You can’t become an amazing blogger in a day it requires time. Post something small and relevant as per your niche. Do not post useless content as it will lead to rejection of your application.

Tip 2: No Plagiarism, Please!

Do not post someone else’s content on your blog or site as it may end up creating problems for you. Your application will be rejected and the real owners of the content may take legal actions against you and put huge penalties.

Tip 3: Fill Up Form Correctly

Make sure that all the details entered are accurate and there are no fake details. Proofread your form before you submit it and do check the details with your information on your domain registration.

Tip 4: Your Site Should Be Passable

This is very important before you submit the application form that your site is open and engaging for the viewers as the congested site would end up creating nothing for you. So make sure that you use white-grey shade as background for your blog to get approval.

Tip 5: Make Your Blog Sound

Before you apply for Adsense account make sure that you have some audience for your blog or site and to do so you need to post engaging and attractive content regularly. Post nearly 50+ post and have 130+ daily visitors on your site and try to bring more traffic. As having a popular blog would decrease the chances of rejection for your application.

To conclude, preparing an account on Adsense is very easy and you just need to follow the given steps. But make sure that you fulfill the requirements that are needed to get your application approved as any incomplete information or wrong details would lead to a direct rejection of your application.

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