How To Generate Leads With Google Ads

Generating leads from  Google ad can be tricky and to get a significant amount of traffic for your site you need to set up a smart strategic plan. When you create leads it must be able to reach the right audience you don’t want to waste your time and money on people who are not even interested in what they do. If you are just a beginner or someone looking to transform their business into something new then do remember the following tips that will help you to generate more visitors for your website. Here is a list of various ads that google offers to generate leads

Generating Leads Using Google Ads

1. Keyword Match Type

The first component to look at when trying to create a Google ad or improving lead quality from your Google Ads is the choice of keyword match type.  If you want an ad that appears at the top, you have to make sure that you choose the right combinations of words that you believe the users might search for. As doing so will help to determine the known possibilities for your business and what people are looking for. There are 3 types of options in this ad.

Broad Keywords

Broad match allows your ad to display in search queries where the user is looking for spelling errors, related substitutes, synonyms and other available options. This option saves you a lot of time that you waste on preparing keyword lists to find the right one for you and to generate more traffic for your site. Contrary to this it can also bring a lot of unrequired traffic on your site too  as not all the users are interested in what you do and end up affecting the quality score of your ads

Modified Broad Keywords

Modified broad match provides you better results as it helps to increase the chances to get qualified leads for your website than broad keywords. It permits you to display your ads on search queries that contain the words accompanied by a + sign or its close variations.

Phrase Match Keywords

A lot of care has to be taken when creating phrase keywords as a phrase match that helps you to show queries that match with a phrase or resembling it. However, it can turn to be a nightmare if the phrase is rearranged or one word is replaced by others. In that case, your ad won’t be shown and it will fail to reach the users. The related phrase keywords generally do not get the same attention and same phrase keywords. So do a lot of research and collection to find the possible phrases for your business

Exact Match Keywords

Exact match keywords get few clicks as they are targeted or niche-specific. But these keywords bring you the most authentic and dedicated leads for you. As it is displayed to users who search about a particular thing regularly and know what they are looking for when they type the exact keyword it brings high click-through rate and relevant users to your site.

In case you are running a campaign that has both website and lead generation as its goals then you should combine two or more keywords to run a successful campaign. Exact match keywords help to bring positive results in campaigns due to its specification with respect to what the users search.

2. Negative Keywords

Negative keywords help in keeping the irrelevant traffic and users away from your website. The negative words help in preventing your ad to get displayed for certain search inputs. It includes something that your business doesn’t deal in. One thing to duly understand is not to mention any product or service provided by your business in that list as it will eliminate your ad from the search results. Example- If you run a ‘female clothing’ business, you may want to add words like men clothing, men shoes, men accessories, etc. Because these are a part of the clothing industry but are not something that you are selling. So if you don’t add negative words the user might type ‘men clothing’ there are chances that your ad will be shown and this will bring irrelevant user traffic. Negative keywords also eliminate the excessive cost that you spend on getting unqualified click unintentionally.

If you enter a negative word that is related to your business, say ‘women ethnic wear’ then it will not display your ad in search results. So be careful when you chose your keywords as a little mistake on your part might bring terrible consequences for your business.

3. Ad Copy

Ad copy plays a significant role in generating more qualified leads for your business. Insertion of targeted keywords in your ad copy highlights your add to users with the same search queries. It helps to increase both CTR and ad quality score which together add as a benefit in decreasing the amount spent on cost per click ads. When the user types something in the search box and, an add from interested area appears on the screen there are more chances to get a dedicated lead. There are 2 options available in this ad.

Responsive Search Ads

Responsive ads permit you to create an ad that fits to present more appropriate messages to your audience. You can insert up to 15 headline and 4 descriptions when you create a responsive add search and Google will run various tests to determine which combination performs best for different search queries. This not only helps to improve CTR but increases traffic and campaign performance as well. When you use more headlines and descriptions in your ad it increases the chances to reach more potential customers and to generate leads

Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic search ads are the most convenient way to get the right users who search what you sell. This ad is an option for the advertisers running well-developed websites. As Google promotes your website so it should have something exquisite to offer to the users who land on the page. Dynamic search ads allow automatic updates of your ads when you insert new product or delete one. Users that click on ads are directed towards the page with the exact product or service that they are looking for. It fulfils the needs of the users and leads for the business.

4. Google Form

When you use a form as a mode of conversion you have to make sure that you include all the important fields in it. The truth is that website visitors don’t like to fill out their contact information if they are just there to pass their time. When you add more field to you forms you get a better picture of who is truly interested in what you are offering. For example- you can add a field that asks ‘what product are you looking for’  then provide a drop-down list of products that you sell. Moreover, if you are a B2B company, adding form fields such as company name or industry will allow you collect some background information of the user and to decide wheater it is beneficial to make move or not.

5. Placement And Topic Display Network

Now-a-day many advertisers are running display campaign which is a great way to generate leads. But the truth that they are unaware of is that Google not always present their display graphics on relevant websites. It has been observed that most of the time Google places ads on random websites that don’t have the type of audience that one is looking for. You can manage your placements and topics related to which your ads will be shown. For example- if you are a brand selling spices then Youtube channels posting videos related to food and culinary will be the optimum platform for you to run your ad. This will interest the viewers who are into cooking and they might click on the add to buy your products.

6. Landing Page Copy

It doesn’t matter whether you are directing traffic towards your site or on a landing page. The landing page copy on your page should be relevant and as per the interest of the user’s search. Let’s go back to the example of the ‘women clothing’ business we took earlier. If the keywords and ads talk about women clothing then your landing page should reflect the same. If keywords and negative words are not applied attentively then it will attract a lot of inappropriate users to your website which you are trying to avoid as they are no asset to you and just create a monetary burden. On the other hand, if you add keywords related to your business in the negative word list it will create no leads for you as all the potential leads might get directed to some other page. Remember you sell what you say, if your landing page talks about women clothing and you are selling kitchen chimneys or men clothing on it then the user may get confused and leave the site because she is not getting what she came here looking for. Landing page should outline the true picture of what you offer any false claims will not help you to survive for a long time in the market.

To conclude, Google ads offers a lot of opportunities to get dedicated leads for your business if only you know what can work better for you. When you select any lead ad for your business do compare its cost, user engagement and whether it is helpful for your business or not. It is important to have a vision in your mind regarding the benefit these ads might bring to your business. But as you are not planning to target the entire market,  your ads should be able to influence your targeted audience, the one you are looking for.

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