How To Generate Leads With Facebook Ads

Social media has become the most popular way for any business to grow. Nearly 75% of the world population uses Facebook and out of that 80-90%, users are youngsters following popular pages and their favourite brands on it. So you have an idea that how huge it is exactly for your business. So if you are not having a business page on Facebook you are missing a lot of opportunities. Facebook provides a lot of ways for content sharing from simple text post to running a promotional event for your business. You need to post attention-grabbing content regularly to keep all your followers in a loop. You should take benefits of all these provided opportunities by Facebook.

As per established marketers on Facebook live videos are a great way for effective marketing that always generates your follower’s interests. But if you really to be a king of your niche and exploit opportunities than you should advertise on Facebook. This question may arise in your mind, why Facebook? You know, how huge Facebook platform is for business growth and most of the youngsters use it. Moreover, it provides a high ROI in comparison to other social media platforms. If you think it is free, well no! it is not, rather than spending your money on expensive advertisement made you can use Facebook. The market is dynamic, so there is no guarantee that your advertisement may work all the time. So there is a risk, but if you succeed you will have an opportunity for life to grow your business.

How To Get Started?

Before we move forward you need to make a list of various ads available and why you want to run this ad and how it will help you to get close to your goal. You should have a targeted goal before you run an ad as it will lay down a performance standard with respect to which your advertisement progress shall be measured. In this article, we will be talking about how to generate leads with Facebook ads.

What Is A Facebook Lead Ad?

Facebook leads ads are promoted forms which allow the marketers to capture their targeted audience by providing them ways to connect like newsletters subscriptions, contest registration, demo request, etc. When users click on a Facebook ad a form appears with their details and looking for approval to establish a connection with the business that has posted the ad. These ads are mobile-optimized which makes them easy to use and manage anytime and anywhere. One of the best things about Facebook leads ads is that it allows direct linking with customer relationship management system which helps the marketers to have a true picture of the statistics and moreover you can even download it in form of CSV file as well.

How To Generate Leads with Facebook Lead Ad?

There are certain things that you need to sort out before we move forward.

Know Your Targeted Audience

Target audience is the one that you should align with if you want your targeted audience into 3 categories:

  1. Lookalike audience: If you want to expand your customer network then you must retain your loyal customers as they are the one that has helped your business so far. For this, you can create a lookalike audience model of your valuable customers to find people that share similar interests as they can be encouraged to make purchases.
  2. Business locator feature: You need to keep a check on your geographical location, to see whether there are required opportunities and customers. For this Facebook has a business locator feature and target ad that allow you to manage your account by a Facebook representative in case you have multiple stores at different places and it helps to attract customers towards your stores.
  3. Custom audience: This includes people who have subscribed to your newsletters, emails, regular site visitors, app visitors or people in the company’s customer relationship management system.


After you know your business goals and its targeted audiences. You need to budget the numbers, as it is not a one time deal so you need a budget to face the highs and lows of the market. If you are just starting up then start with few ads and some backup for these ads as there is no guarantee of 100% success. It is relatively cheaper than other huge promotion modes you opt.

Provide An incentive

A user will be interested in sharing their details with you only if you give something in return. You can offer promo codes or a free download as an incentive and show your gratitude towards the users and this will encourage them to say good words for your business in their social circles.

No Ambiguity

Be clear about what you are offering to the people so that they understand what they are signing in for. Facebook also recommends you to add this information in your promotional copy at the beginning of your forms. There should be no hidden agendas from the customers they are sharing their details and expect authentic information in return. Also, use images that support your messages as these images tend to grab the attention 10 times then a textual message.

Appealing Content And Formats

Facebook leads ads are best accompanied by a short message and an attractive image. There are many formats to choose from to provide a structure to your ad, for example- if you want to show multiple products and features then carousel format is the right one for you. Always includes high-quality images and videos with detailing to make it more appealing.

Keep Your Form Simple

Don’t get too flowery with words when creating a form, a form with advance vocabulary and jargons have low completion rates. So keep your form simple, short and to the point for its completion.

Ask The Right Questions

Ask questions related to your niche or what users expect. Facebook provides question recommendation. However, if you are not satisfied you can always create your form. You can choose between multiple-choice questions, short answers and conditional questions which is based on the answer of the previous question. For example- You run a garments business. So your questions can be framed like; Are you satisfied with our fabric quality? If the answer yes, then the next question will appear. But if they answer no, you can request them to share their problem and how you can improve the fabric quality.

Don’t Forget To Connect

Facebook messengers are a great way to establish a connection with your subscribers as its customer’s new preferred way to connect with brands. So its time to hop on Facebook messenger and if you want to know your customer’s preferable time to talk and communicate, don’t hesitate to ask.

Test And Optimize

Best lead ads are based on the results of A/B testing and fine-tuning. You can run two lead ads with different image, copy, formats and form length to determine the form completion rate.

How To Create Facebook Leads Ads?

  • Step 1: Click ‘ ads manager’.
  • Step 2: In ads manager> click on ‘create’.
  • Step 3: Click ‘lead generation’ as your objective and provide a name for your campaign.
  • Step 4: Select the page you want to use for the lead ad. Click on ‘view term’ and agree to them after reading them.
  • Step 5: Choose your target audience, placement, schedule of ads and your budget.
  • Step 6: Select your ad format, you can choose from single images, slide show, video or carousel.
  • Step 7: Add headline, body copy and a call to action button. You can preview your ad before you run it.
  • Step 8: Click ‘ contact form’. You can add a form title, an introduction, questions and your company’s privacy policy ending with and thank you note.
  • Step 9: Click ‘settings’ under your form’s name and ‘tick’ that you would like to collect organic deals for your company. You can also change form language from here.
  • Step 10: Click ‘finish’ and preview. After you are done click ‘confirm’.

You just created a lead ad. Once you have created an ad you can access leads through customer access integration or by manual download.

Example Of A Successful Lead Ad Campaign


Myra is the UL skin science-based brand in the Philippines and having national customer base due to the distribution of offline samples for sign-ups which was quite costly for them. They turned to Facebook lead ads to cut down their sampling cost and targeted lookalike and custom audiences. The campaign was a success with 1,10,000 signups and 71% lower cost per sign-up rate.

To conclude, Myra is a real-life example of how impactful Facebook lead ads can be irrespective of the size of your business. Just remember the guideline that we have suggested above to generate leads with Facebook ads for your business to avoid any loss of opportunity. It is not important to invest a huge amount on lead generation when Facebook provides you with the same offer starting from $1.5 to $3.  You can see it is cheap and its less cost gives you the chance t0 run multiple ads. It is your time to get on board and make your business digital and global.

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