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Best WordPress Booking Plugins to Provide Facility of Appointments

Acting at the right time is very important for a business seeking the right opportunity. You’re your business is about services or relies highly on scheduled appointments to generate profits and customer loyalty. A good booking plugin will help you to keep your work sorted to achieve success. You can steam line appointments creation to the integration with business calendars. A right booking system helps your company stack on-track. This article includes a list of Best WordPress Booking Plugins to Provide Facility of Appointments. So sit back, relax and read the article.

Book appointment online PRO (premium)

First on the list is Book appointment online PRO. It is a mobile-friendly appointment booking plugin that comes with a user-friendly interface. It includes a list of features like PayPal integration, Email notifications, SMS channels and more. The plugin allows you to display your services all in one place. Moreover this plugin with an in-built feature that helps prevent overbooking from customers by only displaying the available slots on the screen so that the customer know whether they can avail the services or not. It allows the 10 display screens option, meaning the customers can choose from multiple booking options. This plugin is fully compatible with GDPR compliance and is fully translation ready. It’s a premium plugin starting at $49.


  1. It includes a list of features like PayPal integration, Email notifications, SMS channels
  2. The in-built feature that helps prevent overbooking by only displaying the available slots
  3. 10 display screens option for the customer to choose from
  4. Fully compatible with GDPR compliance


  1. No free version
  2. $49 for a plugin may be too much for new users
Download and Demo

Gravity Forms (premium)

The Gravity Forms is a premium WordPress booking system and form plugin designed for businesses. It is embedded with a responsive design that allows your clients to book appointments from any device. It provides the same user experience on both mobile and laptops. Moreover, it comes with a GF’s front end management which allows the client and the service provider to view their appointments on the front-end.  It is combined with a bunch of amazing features like colour schemes, multi-lingual support and a personalized schedule to manage your work-life balance. Gravity Forms WordPress plugin has 3 different annual subscription plans;
  • Personal License: $39/year  for 1 site
  • Business License: $99/year for 3 sites
  • Developer License: $199/year for unlimited sites


  1. Affordable prices compared to other plugins
  2. User-friendly and easy to setup
  3. Autoresponders
  4. Fast support and detailed knowledgebase included


  1. The personal plan comes with no add-ons, so you have to pay extra money
Download  Demo

Amelia (free+premium)

Amelia is one of the most powerful WordPress plugins. The reason for its popularity is that it gives your clients a chance to book your services at any time of day. Amelia is an easy to use plugin and manageable. It comes in both free and paid versions. This plugin comes with amazing software architecture for automated appointments. It comes with a large number of features and backend API and UX to the user interface are professionally designed to ensure quality service irrespective of the size of the website. It doesn’t matter wheater you run a salon, dental clinic or skin clinic, this plugin is the solution to all your problems. It includes various built-in functions such as support for multiple employees that enable you to add specific services, hours available, and time-off for each employee.


  1. Comes in both free and paid versions
  2. Allows you to send email and SMS notifications to remind your clients and employees of their appointment
  3. Syncs with Google Calendar for appointment tracking
  4. Stripe + Paypal Supported


  1. Pricing starts at $59, which is expensive
Download  Demo

Woocommerce Bookings and Appointments ( free+ premium)

Woocommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin integrate well with any type of business that needs a booking system. Using this plugin you can convert any existing woo-commerce product or service into a bookable option. It also allows you to take bookings or sell products and services easily. In addition to this, you can offer appointments based on time slots as well. You can set the booking cost to set different prices for different appointments or bookings. It comes with a dynamic total booking cost clientele that allows your personnel or team to charge money based on their experience.


  1. Both free and paid versions
  2. Allows options for email notifications, Google calendar synchronization, multi-lingual support, and more.
  3. Integrates with various payment gateways for onsite payments


  1. Its price is pretty expensive, single site for $99 and goes on as you include addons
  2. Features in the free version are limited and to get high performance you have to buy the pro version
Download Demo

Bookme Pro (free+ premium)

Bookme Pro plugin is easy to use and makes it super easy to manage your clientele regardless of the kind of business you run. It is a good choice for business or institutions that rely on their websites to make reservations. It comes with and powerful admin panel to initiate control and manage the website on your own to keep a check on the appointments. Additionally,  it is supported with a fully responsive front-end design that allows your customers to make appointments from their mobiles. Its is customized that allows you to show or hide any fields on the booking form.  Along with this, you can manage your appointments on daily, weekly and monthly bases. You can set booking categories based on geographical locations and various times zones as well. Giving a reminder to the clients is always appreciated, so don’t hesitate to drop an SMS as this plugin provides that feature too. It comes in both free and paid version, but the free version is limited to certain features. Bookme pro itself is a full-fledged WordPress appointment booking plugin, capable of meeting all types of needs, including your reservation. Its plans start at $39.


  1. Powerful admin panel to initiate control and manage the website
  2. A free version is available
  3. Compatible with mobiles
  4. Manage your appointments on daily, weekly and monthly bases


  1. Features like Google Calendar integration, payment gateways, an unlimited number of staff members etc are available in premium version only
Download  Demo To conclude, as you can see that there are many options to choose from but which one to choose is entirely dependent on the type of business that you run. As each business has its different need so based on that each plugin is designed differently. So study the features of the plugins then compare them with your business and then make your decision.

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