Looking for a place to create your own website or write your own blog? With WordPress, you can create any of those without any hassles. Thanks to the change in core code, WordPress can now not only create websites and blogs but it can also create eCommerce sites, forums and many more. Your imaginations are the only limit.

WordPress is a free and open-source software made by a huge community of users and contributors. It also has a large collection of plugins, themes and many other features to create almost anything you wish.

Well, these days, creating a website, blog or anything else is not that easy anymore due to privacy breeches or hindrance in security column. This is where Wordfence security comes to the rescue.

Wordfence Security : WordPress Plugin Review

Wordfence is like an antivirus for your own website. It has an endpoint firewall protection and malware scanner the works in real-time. Wordfence is powered by Threat Defence Feed which is updated on a regular basis. Without questioning any further, lets roll on to its features, pros and cons.

Features of Wordfence

  • It uses Threat Defence Feed which is updated on a regular basis.
  • Users who use Wordfence can monitor real-time traffic to analyse live hacks or any other security breech attempts
  • It blocks all the brute force attacks by limiting the login attempts.
  • It has its own firewall which blocks almost any malware that tries to penetrate your security firewall.
  • Bots are a big problem to websites. But worry not. Wordfence has CAPTCHA enabled login page which can stop this.
  • Wordfence also consists of two factor login authentication which can send a one-time password for login to provide extra protection.

Almost all its features are free to use, but its premium version provides extra end to end encryption and protection to the user.

Pros of Wordfence

  • First of all, it gives you real time analytics on what’s happening on your website.
  • It significantly reduces the chances of malware penetration or any other security breaches by blocking the attacker from its IP address.
  • It can fully scan your whole website for vulnerabilities that could be a potential threat for your site.
  • It can give you real-time alerts about threats and help you fix those vulnerabilities with ease.
  • Its login security provides a ton load of features than any other cloud-based protection. Like Two- factor login authentication, CAPTCHAs to keep the bots away and many more. ​

Cons of Wordfence

Well as it is quoted by Salvador Dali that “Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.”, likewise Wordfence has also some imperfections to it.

  • Its premium version provides a little more essential security features than the free version. The end user might hesitate to pay extra for that.
  • Sometimes it takes down your own website due to technical reasons.
  • The plugin can sometimes give you false positive security breech errors which can be annoying at times.
  • The plugin might also lock out the original user from accessing their own sites.

Final verdict

Wordfence could be a great security update for the website of those who are willing to pay to use the premium version instead of the free version. It has a great customer support and packs a ton load of features. But at the end of the day it falls back to the end user whether they are willing to pay extra bucks to secure their website(s) or not.

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