Fictional or non – fictional, fantasy or mystery, biographies or short stories, no matter what your genre is, a book will indulge you in a way in which no internet blog can. Who doesn’t love a Sunday morning where you have coffee in one hand and a mystery novel in the other, or on a rainy day who wouldn’t love to read a romantic love story? But no matter how good your book is  it would need to make its way to the public, to grab the attention, so here are some tips through which it can make its way to the people.

Story In Newspapers And Magazine

One thing that you’ll need to keep in mind is that you’re giving time to promote your book in the right way and towards the right audience. Contact a newspaper or a magazine to cover your book, a genuine email would help, every publisher gives a book review section in their news paper at least once a week and around 39% of the population reads the newspaper, hence its a wonderful way to promote your book.

Story In Online Media

A large number of people reads newspapers but the rest vast majority search the internet, online media is right way especially if you have a target audience, for example you want to make your work popular among the age group of 18-25 than there is no better place than the internet. Create a website, write short shorty blogs, create social media pages etc. There are so many things to do in this vast platform.

Local Press

Local press is a very useful tool, try to approach the journalists of your local press, approaching them would not be that difficult because the local press is always looking for local artists and authors, they cover the events happening in the city, try to visit more cultural events,  and maybe even organised one of your own. Nowadays a lot of cafes and small restaurants do theme nights, open mics, book reviews, interviews with authors, book signing events etc, so looking for those cafes can work in your favor very well.

How To Approach Journalists

Approaching journalists of the national news seems difficult right? But its not so hard at all start with research try to find out the journalists who works with other authors and publishers, contact and ask other authors who have worked with journalists, shortlist the people you like and try to contact them, by following them on social media sites you will get to know the future projects they are working on, most of the data you need is present on the internet, a genuine professional mail is a reasonable way to approach them, some sources also provide phone numbers through which you can contact them directly.

Promotion and branding for your work can be hard at first but through hard work and our tips, it won’t be impossible. And because of lots and lots of bibliophiles present in our world, you wouldn’t have to worry  just keep writing.

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